Salle is a New York–based design office whose projects span the fields of landscape, architectural design, and interiors. Its principals are designers Isobel Herbold and Palmer Thompson-Moss. The rituals of living and human scale are integral to their approach, which balances artful curiosity with everyday function. The context of each project is studied to better design experiences for our clients. We create structures and gardens made to evolve and last overtime. Ornament is essential to the architectural designs and interiors while function remains their reason for being. The landscapes harmonize color, scent, and form within the native plants, terrain, and seasons. Salle holds the belief that craft, at every scale, and thoughtful design can improve how we live.




— Principal
Isobel, an accomplished architectural and landscape Designer, co-founded Salle after six years of independent practice. Her diverse portfolio includes residential developments, bars/restaurants, and institutional ventures. At Gans & Company, Isobel significantly contributed to residential, urban planning, and housing initiatives in collaboration with the NYC Office for Emergency Management, engaging directly with communities to redesign for coastal resiliency in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. This underscored her belief that design should speak to the goals and context of a project, engaging with the challenges of housing and community led policy change.

Isobel's formative years were shaped by a deep connection to nature, cultivated through gardening and hiking. Her professional growth was further enriched under the mentorship of English Landscape Architect Miranda Brooks where Isobel learned about traditional English garden traditions. Isobel's work skillfully intertwines ecological practices with architectural moments, emphasizing the harmonious interplay between nature and design. She was educated in NYC and Rome where she received B.Arch from Pratt Institute. Beyond a final design, Isobel considers how historical examples contribute to her methodologies, acknowledging that continual learning enhances her architectural expertise.



— Principal
Palmer leads the planning and construction administration of Salle projects. With a background in architecture, furniture making, and construction Palmer brings a keen awareness of structural and material considerations balanced with a love of beautiful things. Palmer is activated by the ways that design can improve people’s lives. He believes this process can exist at the scale of a building or at a moment where two materials meet. Vintage artifacts and their respective meanings are of particular design interest. This influence can be traced back to his youth, where he learned carpentry while restoring historic homes in the Boston area. After moving to New York City in 1998, he worked in a furniture shop, pursued architecture at Pratt Institute, and furthered his knowledge studying in Rome. Palmer returned with a B.Arch, working with Slade Architecture and later Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects in NYC engaging in small-scale projects from design to completion.

He is an entrepreneur, founding the interdisciplinary construction firm GDT in 2010 and the bar King Tai in Crown Heights in 2015. Palmer brings a nuanced understanding of structural and material considerations across scales and disciplines. During his time off from work, Palmer likes to be with his children and near the Ocean.



— Operations Manager

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Jenn has been an invaluable member of our company since 2014. Following the attainment of her degree in Business Administration, she embarked on a journey into the design and construction business, finding immediate inspiration in the burgeoning industry of our energetic and fast-paced city. Preceding her tenure at Salle, Jenn actively participated in diverse projects, including collaborations with the NYC Dept of Parks and the US Dept of Veteran Affairs, fostering an extensive and nuanced understanding of this vibrant industry. Presently, she collaborates with our team, overseeing our daily in-house operations with precision to ensure alignment with our organizational goals. Concurrently, Jenn dedicates herself to nurturing robust relationships with our esteemed clients, vendors, and partners. Outside of work, Jenn enjoys Pilates, yoga, and salsa classes. She also values spending quality time in the city with her daughter.



— Designer/Project Manager 

Cherisse embodies a dynamic and interdisciplinary ethos in her approach to design and project management. Informed by a background in Linguistics and Art, she shapes her connection to crafting spaces and unfolding narratives within specific locations. Prior to her association with Salle, Cherisse spent seven years in Los Angeles, contributing to galleries, imparting art instruction, engaging in architectural preservation, and culminating her academic journey with a master’s degree in Sculpture from UCLA. Among her preferred pursuits are the deliberate manipulation of light, the strategic placement of color, and the meticulous arrangement of furniture.

Photos by Seth Caplan

Salle Photo and Website by Kim Eliot Fung